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The Return.

2012-07-20 15:57:58 by BamboozleMan

I'm making music again so expect to see some breakthrough shit going down son. fuck the pyramids.


2011-12-07 12:47:46 by BamboozleMan

what u bin waitin fer.


2011-11-22 11:49:04 by BamboozleMan

gamejam is soon and my computer is still dead. WHY JESUS..........WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME SO. IS IT BECAUSE I HAVE BETTER HAIR THAN YOU!


2011-11-17 21:33:14 by BamboozleMan

OHKAIY. soo my P.O.S. laptop crashed and EVERYTHING DIED. so we tried fixing it and now i cant connect to the internet for some random reason. so it'll be a few weeks before i post a new song. SOOORRRYYY!


sooo i got an email from newgrounds that said some shit so ya. im back. again. ish. i'll try to post some new songs but im in the process of getting FLstudio 10 sooo wait and see.

I'M BACK!!!!

2011-02-22 10:17:46 by BamboozleMan

I'M FINALLY BACK FROM MY TIME OFF, sorry i was gone so long, but IM POSTING NEW MUSIC RIGHT NOW SO STFU AND GTFO ( jk i love you ( not really ) )

just you wait.

2010-12-28 15:16:27 by BamboozleMan

More techno coming out soon, alot to do right now so i'll be working on posting my song soon. i'm also working on a song with StompRocket2009, so just wait a little longer.